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Buying form Gold2send

Q How do I buy from Gold2Send?
Q Who can buy from Gold2Send?
Q Does Gold2Send have a store where I can buy products in person?


Q How do I open an account with Gold2Send?
Q Does it cost anything to open a Gold2Send account?
Q What are the benefits of a Gold2Send account?
Q Is my personal information secure?


Q Does Gold2Send have a product catalogue?
Q What is vintage jewellery?
Q Does Gold2Send also sell new jewellery?
Q How does Gold2Send source its jewellery?
Q Can jewellery purchased in the Gold2Send web shop be re-sized or adjusted?
Q Can I view and try on an item before buying it?
Q I would like to buy multiples of the same item in your webshop, is this possible?


Q Are the prices advertised in the Gold2Send web shop fixed?
Q Do I pay VAT on my purchase?
Q I have seen a comparable item for cheaper, how is this possible?


Q How can I order?
Q Can I cancel my order?
Q Can I change my order after my order is confirmed?


Q What are Gold2Send’s bank details?
Q What form of payment does Gold2Send accept?
Q Do you accept payment by credit cards?
Q Do you accept payment by PayPal?
Q Do you accept payment by Bitcoins?
Q Which currencies does Gold2Send accept?


Q How much does shipping cost?
Q Is my package insured?
Q Does Gold2Send ship internationally?
Q How will my order be packaged?
Q How will my order be shipped?
Q When will I receive my order?
Q Can I choose which day and time I want my package be delivered?
Q Does Gold2Send ship to post office boxes?
Q Does Gold2Send declare the value of the package at Customs for international orders?
Q What are the international shipping costs?
Q Can I pick up my order?


Q What is Gold2Send's return policy?
Q How do I obtain a Return Authorization Number?
Q Is my package insured by returning?